49 Ideas for your Festive Interior

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many, it’s also one of the busiest. Between gift buying, food preparing and party attending we still need to find the time to transform our homes into a wintry wonderland. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle over the festive decoration this year, instead take inspiration from our interior experts and style the perfect dining table, accessorize a beautiful festive lounge or put the finishing touches on your tree or wreath. Explore our fabulously on-trend Christmas decorating ideas below…


“Keep it simple throughout the house, and use as much fresh foliage as you can afford. The Christmas table is then your license to go for it and ramp up the glamour” Zoe Brewer – Interior Stylist

Mike Ahern


Mike Ahern – Interior Blogger

“For me, the festive-factor swings like a pendulum from year to year. In 2015 I couldn’t resist decking out the cottage with metallics, including my own copper-effect 3D gems, which adorned our Christmas tree in a flurry of luxe materials. However, this year I find my creative eye drawn in a northward direction for a contemporary Scandi-style celebration of simple styling. I will be focusing on straightforward monochromes, natural materials, and quality rather than quantity.” Image Credit

Hege Morris


Hege Morris – Interior Blogger

“Add a bit of nature to your Christmas table. It makes the table look special and adds both fragrance and colour. This is a really easy way to decorate a candle. All you need is some string, and some foliage. You can either gather things to decorate with outdoors (go as a whole family, the children will love it!), buy some foliage or cut a bit off your Christmas tree (nobody will notice). Eucalyptus is a great foliage to use as it’s so fragrant.” Image Credit

Irene Lovett


Irene Lovett – Interior Designer and Blogger

“As a Los Angeles native, memories of Christmas have always been sunny. Sometimes brisk, but typically always clear skies and sunshine. I give California credit for my love of cheerful colours and subsequently, or so I think, said colours correlate with whimsy. Though red and green are the Christmas staple colours, gradually over the years, I’ve preferred to deviate and take a different approach. This year I call it, Dreaming of a Cute Christmas. This whimsical table setting, styled by Cassandra Lavalle , captures the look I’m trying to achieve. A mix of my favourite colours used on miniature Christmas trees, with a touch of flakes sprinkled throughout, set atop a coral tablecloth create the cute and adorable California mood I’m dreaming of.” Image Credit

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


David White and Mark Stanley Russell – Interior Bloggers

“As renters, we’re always looking for innovative, fun and thrifty ways to update the home at Christmas. We love the use of the branch above the table in this rustic dining setting. Adorned with fairy lights and decorations, it’s a simple and achievable idea to create a beautiful design statement in any room. The neutral colour palette gives it a contemporary Scandi feel – just showing that you don’t need to stick to reds and greens for a Christmas scheme and that winter whites work just as well!” Image Credit

Anita Brown


Anita Brown – Designer and Interior Blogger

“I have a preference for interiors that are stripped right back and fairly minimal, so that the individual design elements have room to breathe.  This visual aesthetic is perfect for industrial inspired spaces.  And there’s no reason why Christmas styling can’t adopt a similar theme.  I’m particularly fond of this interior because of its no fuss, simplistic approach.  The rustic chairs, combined with the industrial table add oodles of character, while the neutral backdrop highlights the punctuations of greenery.  It may be very simple but its understated elegance packs a punch!” Image Credit


Bianca Hall – Interior Blogger

“Not traditional, but unmistakably festive – that’s my Christmas decorating ideal. For my Christmas table, I like to create a cosy, calm and relaxed atmosphere with a pinch of glamour and a tropical twist, using loads of greenery mixed with some unexpected blooms like King Protea and Decorative Pineapples. Eucalyptus is perfect as it lasts for ages, smells divine and reminds me of home in Australia, and the pineapples are so much fun!

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Sticking to a limited colour palette of soft greens and pale pinks mixed with white and gold keeps everything calm and relaxed. Throw a few sheepskins over chairs, plus a crumpled linen tablecloth to add to the laid-back feel. And of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without the twinkle of fairy lights, and I love these battery powered ones on copper wire that look great and can be used pretty much anywhere.” Image Credit

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Victoria Jackson – Interior Blogger

“Forget presents and dressing up, for me Christmas in the home is about my loved ones coming together around beautifully set dinner table to celebrate and eat delicious food. This year I’ll be keeping things classically white, with hints of gold, whilst texture and interest will come from the use of wood and greenery. I love the idea of putting small table presents under a bell jar in the centre, with fresh Winter flowers surrounding and cinnamon spice candles burning.” Image Credit

Alina Isaev


Alina Isaev – Interior Blogger

“The image brings together the parts of Christmas that I love most, from the nativity family scene to the traditional colour scheme of red and green. I’m a big fan of white ornaments on the dining table as they contrast well with the bold red table cover and make memorable centrepieces.” Image Credit

Natasha Denness


Natasha Denness – Interior Blogger

“This Christmas table display is absolutely delightful. I love the way the place settings have been given a festive twist by adding pine, berries, red ribbons and silver baubles. A really simple technique that anyone can try at home. The stunning rustic hanging display draws everything together and gives a feeling of the great outdoors. I’m sure sharing a Christmas dinner in this setting would be a cosy affair and it has given me an abundance of inspiration for my home displays this Christmas.” Image Credit

Selina Lake


Selina Lake – Stylist and Author

“When styling your Christmas Dining table, think about your theme and colour palette, for the cover image of my latest book Winter Living I styled this welcoming, elegant/rustic Christmas table in a barn using a mix of whites, creams, metallics and greenery. I used ivory dinner candles and a gold lantern to add a twinkling glow and placed them along the centre of the table, around the candles I draped some freshly cut garden foliage, fir tree cuttings and ivy. Then I added the plates layering the side plate over the dinner plate and used white linen napkins, I tied the cutlery for each setting with gold ribbons. To add a bit more height I placed a glass cake stand directly on top of a larger white ceramic one and used it to display my festive bakes. Potted plants are also a great edition to a festive table, use white hyacinths and hellebores to complete the elegant rustic style.” Image CreditSelina Lake’s Winter Living, photography by Debi Treloar, published by Ryland Peters & Small

“Don’t forget the kitchen! Bring the greens into the kitchen and attach lots of your small utensils OR, criss-cross wooden spoons into a lovely pattern on a huge wreath” Susan Serra – Interior Designer

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Heather Young – Interior Blogger

“There are three essential ingredients for my Christmas at home – candles, fairy lights, and eucalyptus.  I love this dining table – it’s pared-back and simple, but the candles and foliage add atmosphere and warmth. It’s got that feeling of magical anticipation and excitement that Christmas brings. Although what’s on the table is understated, there’s still an elegance to the scene – the mismatched but smart dining chairs and eucalyptus-adorned chandelier make it feel just that bit more special. I want to take my place and sit down for a cosy, intimate Christmas dinner.” Image Credit


“Plan your Christmas decorations to complement your room scheme for a co-ordinated and sophisticated look” Jen Stanbrook – Interior Blogger



Anna Lysik – Interior Blogger

”Christmas is a time when I want spend time with friends and family but also I want to have few quiet nights on my own when I can pause for a moment and relax. This big window with cosy seating area is perfect for cold nights when you wear your comfy pyjama, wrapped in blanket with mug of hot chocolate and reading a book. I love the real Christmas tree decorated in white next to fireplace. I am not a huge fan of over decorated homes so this cosy minimalism is perfectly reflecting what I really like.” Image credit

Phoebe Oldrey


Phoebe Oldrey – Interior Designer and Blogger

“Christmas is all about memories. Building new ones and reminiscing about Christmas’ past. I love covering my tree with a complete eclectic mix of ornaments which have been handed down through the family, it brings back my childhood while I hang them. To keep some semblance of design I hold it together with silver and red ornaments scatter between the sentimental baubles with white lights. I have red accents throughout the room after all red just is Christmas.” Image Credit

Kiran Sing


Kiran Singh – Interior Blogger

“You know what Christmas should be about? It should be all about ‘Magic’! For me, this room is full with the Christmas Spirit, Christmas Tree, fire is on, gorgeous cushions and throw with reds – the colour of Christmas! It’s time to transform the core of your home into something full of joy and colour, something where the magic can take place.” Image Credit

June Olsen


June Olsen – Interior Blogger

“This year I am drawn to a more simple approach to Christmas decor, and  I love how laid back and “everyday” this living room setting is…The little Christmassy touches, such as the mini tree displayed in a simple vase on the table, some  baubles hung from that fabulous wall light and just  a few lit candles, makes for very subtle Christmas decor, and the result is a very relaxed and rustic look and feel.” Image Credit

Christine and Jan


Christine and Jan – Interior Bloggers

“When it comes to Christmas, it’s all about creating an inviting space that you want to spend time in. I love this room because it’s contemporary and peaceful yet super cosy and inviting at the same time. The cool and subtle colour palette is calming whilst the textures of the cushions and throws add a layer of softness. The comfy armchair in front of the warm glow of the fire is the perfect spot to cuddle up, relax and escape the cold winter air and pre-Christmas chaos.” Image Credit

Lucy Lovesya


Lucy Gleeson – Interior Blogger

“This Christmassy living room says it all for me. It’s cosy with homemade goodies. For me Christmas is about being comfortable in your surroundings and making sure your guests feel like that too. in this picture – it looks nice and bright, laid back with a nice big space in the middle for the kids to open their presents!” Image Credit

Emily Henderson


Emily Henderson – Interior Stylist and Blogger

“The holidays are definitely one of the most hectic and stressful times of the year, so I love this neutral inspired decorating because it felt festive, without feeling chaotic. Overall it was just very sophisticated and soft. I really pulled back all the saturated colours, except for the blues and natural greenery. The theme was ‘California Winter Wonderland Glam’, and it glowed, shined, and sparkled in such a quiet and whimsical way. In general, it just made a pretty darn good case for neutrals in my life.” Image Credit, Photography by Jayme Burrows

laura thomas


Laura Thomas – Interior Blogger

“This simple white interior touches Christmas without an air of seriousness nor glitz.  Calm and cleanly work with homely and fun.  This interior shows Christmas to be a simple family affair with kids, fun and great food.” Image Credit

“Heap boughs of Holly & Ivy onto a mantelpiece along with tall beeswax candles to create a dramatic, Dickensian effect” Chloey Mullaney – Interior Blogger


“You can never have enough fairy lights. I fill vases and fireplaces with them. Lighting is key to design, especially at Christmas” Catherine Davies – Interior Blogger

Simone Baur


Simone Baur – Interior Designer and Blogger

“Christmas is the only time I’d occasionally go a bit overboard when it comes to decoration. However, most of the time, I like to keep it relatively simple, but sophisticated. This is why I like this image. It demonstrates how just a few select items can bring a Christmas cheer to your home. All you need now is a cinnamon scented candle and your favourite Christmas music and you are all set for a cosy, yet stylish Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!” Image Credit

Gabi Williams


Gabi Williams – Interior Blogger

“For me this image sums up the magic of the christmas period. There is something so enchanting about late night shopping under the moonlight and stars, finding beautiful treats for my friends and family…. then coming home to snuggle up under a cosy blanket with a glass (or two) of mulled wine and a bag of roasted chestnuts.” Image Credit

Gabrielle Savoie


Gabrielle Savoie – Interior Blogger

“There’s something beautiful about simplicity in Holiday décor: fragrant fresh pine garlands, cosy sheepskin throws and the smell of a roaring fire is all you really need to get into the Holiday spirit (oh and the Michael Bublé Christmas album on the stereo).” Image Credit

Lucy Gough - 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Lucy Gough – Interior Stylist 

“I love the idea of everything in my house being sparkly at Christmas. Fairy lights are always a must (I use them all year round actually). This image shows the clever use of using icicle lighting down the staircase railing so each icicle mirrors a post. It’s a very considered approach. Another idea I have taken from this image is using a vintage dolly tub as the base for your Xmas tree. It finishes it off so beautifully! You can source one from eBay easily.” Image Credit

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Antonia Ludden – Interior Blogger

“Hanging decorative paper stars are typically Scandinavian in style, which is my favourite look for Christmas.  They make a wonderful feature above the dining table here.  Teamed with white candles and walls, a simple wooden table and chairs, it is a pared back look and refreshingly calm and unfussy, compared to some of the more glitzy Christmas scenes that I associate with a more commercialised Christmas.  In this room I could imagine exchanging meaningful gifts and enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner with a nice glass of wine, a cosy fire, a snowy scene outside, just spending time with my family, which is what Christmas is all about.” Image Credit

“Leave fairy lights loose in a vase or tie them around your bed frame for a simple update, light plenty of candles and if you’re lucky enough, a roaring fire” Rachel Christie – Interior Stylist and Writer

Christmas Trees

“Create a wreath using vintage ornaments, creating new memories for years to come…Upcycle, Re-use, Recycle” Nicole Torres – Interior Blogger

Alison Gibb


Alison Gibb – Freelance Journalist, Stylist & Blogger

“A Christmas Jumper? No thanks – would much rather a Christmas Cardi! This little thing is so gorgeous on a tree, I have sent this image to friends and colleagues as a Christmas eCard many, many times, and it never fails to warm me. I should probably print it up as a card. It is cute as a button and you can almost smell the fragrance of the pine needles.” Image Credit



Elisabetta Rizzato – Interior Blogger

“My good intention at the beginning of this 2015 was to do a personal and home declutter and getting rid of useless things. This minimal Christmas tree would be the perfect end of this year, love the idea of having an unconventional tree with just paper and tape, and the origami Christmas decorations in black!” Image Credit 

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Claire Wilson – Interior Blogger

“Christmas décor should be about having fun and bringing cheer into your home. This rainbow tree does just that, and is a true DIY as many of the ornaments are spray painted. I can’t help but smile each time I look at the tree and I only wish I had a whitewash house to use as the background to this festive rainbow.” Image Credit

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior


Cate St Hill – Interior Blogger

“I love this modern take on a Christmas tree, and without all the mess of the pine needles on the floor! It shows that Christmas decoration doesn’t have to be traditional, you can think outside the box and create a contemporary Scandi look. There’s no garish red or green tinsel here – just some beautiful origami baubles, a sleek black star (note: it’s not even on the top of the Christmas tree) and some monochrome presents to unwrap on the day. The rug and chunky knitted throw keep the look warm and cosy.” Image Credit

tanyth thomson 2

Nordic Styling for House Beautiful mag by Joanna Thornhill

Anita Kohn – Interior Designer

“Try keeping your Christmas decorations in the same tone as your current home décor, but lift the existing colour palette with pops of fresh green or natural elements – there are great quality ‘faux-fir’ trimmings on the market and a paint-dipped collection of branches could easily suffice for a contemporary Christmas tree. An abundance of warm glowing lights always adds a feeling of festive cosiness – fairy lights can be used throughout the year in most other occasions so purchasing a few every now and then will help you to brighten up your home with an abundant glow over the Christmas period.” Image Credit

Joanna Thornhill – Interior Stylist and Writer

“There’s always lots of new festive fads every year, but one that I can’t see going anywhere is the classic Scandi-style Christmas. This image, which I styled for House Beautiful magazine a couple of years ago, perfectly showcases what’s to love about it: with its mainly-neutral palette the festive pops of red really punch out, and the natural and rustic touches help keep the look cosy rather than austere. It’s an easy style to add to, incorporating a number of different motifs and materials, from wood and wool to fur and felt, and there’s plenty of room for fun touches, too, like this wall-mounted stag head and wood-effect wallpaper.” Image Credit, Photograph by Dan Duchars, Image Courtesy of House Beautiful 

Yasmin Hakim


Yasmin Hakim – Interior Blogger

“Growing up, my family didn’t celebrate Christmas. But I couldn’t help but be overcome by holiday cheer with the traditional decorations at the mall, the Christmas lights and the delicious gingerbread houses. More recently I have been drawn to modern metallic holiday themes like this one by Emily Henderson. The designer can do no wrong in my book. I love how she chooses an unusual color palette and seamlessly mixes softer and darker hues. Even without your usual reds and greens, you can still make your home feel like Christmas with colors like teal, peach, lime green or even hot pink. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.” Image Credit

sam fearn


Sam Fernley – Interior Blogger

“I love the simplicity of a Scandinavian Christmas, just a fir tree, natural in the sense that it looks like we’ve just gone for a walk and found one in the forest, imperfect branches, not symmetrical but perfect and special. Decorated with white lights and placed in a galvanised bucket it feels like taking Christmas back in time, celebrating the light on the dark days.  The combination of evergreen, white and flickering lights is my favourite and one I’d love to embrace this year.” Image Credit

taj hunter waite


Taj Hunter Waite – Designer

“If there were ever a “black and white done right” Christmas tree that existed, this would be it.  A theme is always the way to go when one has a high-style space.  While staying within this modern and elegant colour scape, we experience a ton of visual intrigue with the varying sizes and textures of the décor elements.  The polka dot gift boxes surrounding the perimeter also compliment the Christmas ornaments in a very chic way.  I also love the absence of the traditional star at the top…the MERRY, JOY, and PEACE text blocks say it all.  Well done!” Image Credit

“My tip for a stylish Christmas is to focus on natural colours and textures – so lots of festive berries and branches” Will Taylor – Interior Blogger

Finishing Touches

“To create a pretty pomander, stud an orange with cloves and tie a festive ribbon round so you can hang it” Kate Watson-Smyth – Interior Blogger

Stacey Blake


Stacey Blake – Interior Blogger

“I am a big advocate of using what you already have in your home to decorate and to refresh your space’s look for the Holidays. With all the new trends that we are bombarded with, it’s always difficult not to go out and ‘shop the trends’. However, that does get very expensive. I love this festive grouping of year round items with pops of red and greenery incorporated to showcase Holiday cheer. Adding a wreath to the mirror is the perfect finishing touch.” Image Credit

Kim Salter


Kim Salter – Designer and Interior Blogger

“When it comes to Christmas, I love simple and natural. I tend to decorate my own home with an emphasis on the season of winter, with enough ‘Christmas’ thrown in, to really feel the holiday spirit. I like an easy transition from the fun and joy of Christmas, to the serenity of winter. This mantle does this beautifully by mixing Season appropriate trees and neutral colours that will last more than just Christmas morning.” Image Credit

Lou Archell


Lou Archell – Interior Blogger

“Christmas to me needs to be feel calm.  The preparation before the big day is so stressful and busy that my home needs to be a calm oasis.  I love this styling here, because it has simple colour pallet.  Golds, greys and wood tones.  The mantel has a simple display of empty picture frames and candle sticks, whilst above hangs greenery.  A small amount of festive bunting shows that this is Christmas. This look could be replicated in both a country cottage or an urban townhouse. Simple, rustic, calm and serene. Perfect.” Image Credit

Christmas Decorating: 49 Festive Ideas for your Interior

Susie Earlam – Interior Blogger 

“I love the rich jewel colours in this image, complimented by the lush greenery of the holly and rosemary sprigs. This is a great way to bring fragrance into your home without anything artificial. I think the contrast between the golden lion and the natural wood also makes this table centrepiece really pop. Christmas is the perfect time for being bold with your use of colour.” Image Credit

Emily Nicholson


Emily Nicholson – Interior Blogger

“My favourite part of Christmas is bringing Winter indoors, decorating the house with woody textures and fragrant firs. Simply taped to the wall, these evergreen halos offer texture, depth of colour and just a hint of Christmas for the minimal home. Paired with a single hanging bauble, these wreaths can be a quick DIY project using branches from under the tree or even collected nature from the garden. I can smell Christmas just looking at this picture.” Image Credit



Natalia Alexandrou – Interior Blogger 

“Free Christmas décor is often available right on your doorstep! Gather up some ivy, holly, rosemary (or anything that still has leaves on it) to add plenty of festive fabulousness to your home. You can tie it, dry it, swag it, spray it, stick stuff to it… or just drape it. For a simple Christmas table just add some strands of ivy down the centre. Or for a more dramatic look, you can tie some ivy to the backs of chairs.” Image Credit

Kirsten Grove


Kirsten Grove – Interior Stylist and Blogger

“Finding one image around the holidays is one heck of a task but I did it and out of the millions and billions of beautiful things, I decided to go with this one. I am a holiday fanatic. I love everything Christmas and it’s definitely my favourite time of the year to style my home. I chose this picture because I love how the designer incorporated bits and pieces of holiday cheer and accessorized rather than overwhelming her space with useless things. The beauty here is all the details, gold dip-dyed candle holders, an assortment of wooden candle holders paired with simple white and yellow candles and the little bells give off the perfect amount of holiday cheer.” Image Credit

“Spray paint oversized pinecones, acorns & glass ornaments and display en mass in massive glass vases” Robin de Groot – Designer

We hope this selection of Christmas decorating tips and tricks has left you feeling suitably inspired and suitably festive. Explore The LuxPad’s Christmas archives for more magical seasonal ideas.

Christmas Decorating Ideas
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