If Alice in Wonderland had her own Accessories Line

I‘m not much of a fashion blogger, I mostly leave that to the experts in their field. But every once in a while, I do come across a company that seems so perfectly harmonious with everything we believe in here at Messy Nessy Chic, and I just need to play fashion blogger for a moment. As you’re probably aware, I often identify with Miss Alice in Wonderland and her rabbit hole adventures, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen head over heels for a collection that feels like it could be her very own accessories line…

The designs of Andresgallardo have stopped me in my tracks. These incredible bags and accessories mix two very different materials; leather and porcelain– most of which is found by the designers at antique shops or flea markets. They are then broken, then polished and used as a base for a cast. 

The Madrid-based design duo, Andrés Gallardo and Marina Casal, who had no formal training in jewellery but a shared passion for artisanal production methods, also design and produce our own porcelain pieces.

Okay, so prices. Admittedly, not as affordable as I would generally go for, but from $375 a bag, you’re looking at half the price of some of the most coveted designer bags, with buckets more personality that will outlast any trends.

Okay, now proceed to gawk…

I’d like all my loved ones to take note of this brand for future reference.

Shop Andresgallardo.

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