These Are the Hottest Home Décor Instagram Trends Right Now

Outliers—if you’ve ever read the book by Malcolm Gladwell, you know very well what they are: stories of success. The best-selling author spent years studying the best, brightest, and most successful people in order to understand what makes high achievers stand out from the crowd.

If people can be outliers, so can trends, right? We put this theory to the test and turned to Instagram to uncover the common denominators that made interior photos go viral. We scoured our favorite Instagram accounts to unearth the images that performed exceedingly well, gathering an off-the-charts amount of likes.

What did we find? Recurring patterns aplenty: a lot of ornate crown moldings, delicate chandeliers, and herringbone floors. Curious to know what else makes people tap on Instagram? Keep scrolling to find out.

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